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No programming required! Access extensive form libraries, study templates, and coding dictionaries, and watch your study build itself.


Build your study in days or weeks instead of months with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Easily deploy mid-study changes.


Save up to 75% over traditional electronic data capture software. Pay through a subscription-based model with no setup fees.

The ease of use and setup are superior to the competition. Most of the other systems out there require using their service to build the study, or a long, involved certification program to be able to build the study ourselves.The ability to build the study ourselves is a huge bonus.

Pete Shabe

President, Advance Research Associates

The reason we chose Medrio is cost and the ability for us to compete our own design and build. We save time and money by eliminating the need to translate documents into programming language. Plus our data managers completing the CRF build have a better understanding of the protocol and CRF design.

Wendy Eggleston

President, CUREM Research Partners