Best Practices for IRT Integration

When integrating an IRT system with Medrio, how does one determine:
  • What demographic information is transferred from the IRT to the EDC?
  • Which of the two systems "creates the subject" (i.e. assigns the Subject ID)?
  • Which visits from IRT should be transferred to EDC?
  • How to handle one system being ready before the other?
  • How to handle resubmissions and data changes?
Presented by
Steve Zimmerman
Director, Operations, Veracity Logic LLC.

Jeffery Doten
Professional Services Project Manager. Medrio

Jeffery Doten is a Professional Services Project Manager at Medrio. Jeffery is an educator, health promotion specialist, and technology enthusiast. He has a Public Health background and has worked in technology since 2008. Over the last 4 years, his focus has been on Clinical Technology software, working with EDC and IWRX platforms to help studies build software, stay on schedule and collect great data. At Medrio, Jeffery’s primary responsibilities center on user education and custom project management.

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