Webinar: The Future of Informed Consent

eConsent has numerous benefits for patients – it’s convenient, and it allows them to begin the process, take a break and pick up where they left off. It also allows patients to stay more informed during the trial process.

Even better, those benefits to patients translate to positive outcomes for the clinical trials themselves. eConsent can lead to improved compliance, higher patient enrollment and patient retention.

In this webinar, we will address:
  • The challenges and risks of using a paper-based consent system
  • The benefits – for both patients and companies – of using eConsent
  • Where the eConsent market is headed
  • Insight on FDA guidance
Presented by
Vincent Miller, MMCi

Informatics Project Leader, DCRI Data Solutions
Duke Clinical Research Institute

Vincent Miller is an Informatics Project Leader specializing in mHealth, remote monitoring and data capture at Duke Clinical Research Institute. Miller has more than 19 years of research in areas in mobile health, participant engagement and data source integrations, specializing in identification of research and business objectives paired with informatics solutions for utilization in clinical research data management operations as well as translational or clinical research projects. Prior work includes identification and implementation of new technologies including but not limited to eConsent, integrations, application development, devices, and remote data acquisition. Actively designing more efficient and effective data management support for all projects.

Fred Martin
Chief Product Officer

Fred Martin has built a career in healthcare over the course of nearly two decades, and has developed healthcare systems, BI/Analytics solutions, workflow tools for hospitals, and more. As Chief Product Officer at Medrio, he has overseen the development and release of Medrio eConsent, major upgrades to Medrio eSource, and numerous feature releases in Medrio EDC. Martin holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; an MILR from Cornell University; and a BA from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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