Programming a CDASH-Compliant eCRF Library with Biostatistics

Since clinical trial data vary on many parameters (participant demographics, study procedures, method of data collection, etc.), case report forms should be developed according to an accepted standard. The Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization (CDASH) outlines best practices for presenting data to maintain consistency and quality across different trial phases and therapeutic areas. The use of CDASH also provides significant cost and time saving benefits to organizations conducting clinical trials.

In this webinar, three experts in clinical data programming will elaborate on these benefits, complete with demonstrations of how to build and use a CDASH-compliant library. Among other things, participants will learn how new standards in data entry processes make it easier for stats programmers to analyze data.
Presented by
Claude Toney

Clinical Data Programmer, Atlantic Research Group

Claude Toney has been in clinical research for 19 years. Starting as an In-house CRA, Claude widened his scope and moved into both project management and data management. Most recently Claude has become focused on clinical data programming and validation activities. He’s always scanning the horizon for more efficient ways of working to support colleagues and customers.

Emilea Norris
Biostatistician, Atlantic Research Group

Emilea Norris has over 14 years of experience leading clinical trial development.  She offers an array of cross-functional abilities including project management, data management, biostatistics and programming, and medical writing.  Knowing the needs of the team, Emilea works to find solutions for effective communication. She likes working with drug and device development, study integrations, data collection, and missing (erratic) data handling.

Kevin Limlengco
Clinical Data Programmer, Atlantic Research Group

Kevin Limlengco started programming with java in college. This led to both courses and self-teaching in python. Once he began working in the clinical trial industry, his skills made programming both in and out of EDC seamless. Kevin’s goal to providing Bios what they need from an EDC database upfront is what gets him up every morning!

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