Webinar: Succeeding in a Changing Clinical Research Industry

Key info to navigate a changing industry


The clinical research industry is in the midst of a number of major shifts. Driven by globalization, technological development, and regulatory reforms across the world, the industry is becoming larger and more complicated, causing organizations conducting clinical trials to rearrange their priorities and identify new needs as they work to bring new medical products to market.

How can organizations thrive amid these seismic shifts in the clinical trial landscape? In this webinar, Leslie Olsen, Vice President of Product Marketing at Medrio, will explore the changes the industry is facing and assess how they’ve changed the calculus for organizations evaluating eClinical technology. Attendees will gain a wealth of insight into the current state of clinical research as well as the direction the industry is headed, including:
  • An overview of the clinical trial growth currently taking place in certain geographies, industries, and therapeutic areas
  • The regulatory, scientific, and sociological factors contributing to this growth
  • What researchers of different types should look for in an eClinical platform in order to succeed in this new environment
  • How rapid development in clinical trial technology has made vendor selection particularly challenging
Presented by
Leslie Olsen
Vice President of Product Marketing, Medrio

Leslie Olsen brings a unique combination of thought leadership, marketing, product management, and strategic expertise to her role as VP of Product Marketing at Medrio. An expert in clinical trial software, comfortable at both strategic and tactical levels, she has studied the evolution of the clinical research industry and analyzed how it impacts the varying technology needs of different organizations. Leslie holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Political Economy from the University of Washington, and is a native of Oakland, California.

Alex Martelli

Alex Martelli is the primary product owner for Medrio’s suite of mobile tablet apps, and has overseen the development and release of Medrio’s new eConsent tool. He has spent years working in Product Management in B2B SaaS and mobile technology at a variety of organizations. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently based at Medrio’s San Francisco headquarters.

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