Webinar: The Closed Loop: How a Combined eSource-EDC System Can Transform Your Trials

One Study Build. Infinite Benefits.

Everyone’s talking about eSource. But do we really understand it? Join Becky Capps, Director of Product Management at Medrio, for a webinar on the benefits of pre-integrated EDC and eSource. We’ll cover what exactly eSource means, and explore why a pre-integrated, closed-loop system can unlock myriad efficiencies, from consolidating clinical and administrative processes, increasing margins, accelerating trials, and more. You’ll learn how to:

  • Define eSource and understand the regulatory landscape around it
  • Avoid dangerous pitfalls in paper-based data capture or multi-vendor models
  • Leverage a closed-loop system for easier, faster, and less costly trials
Presented by
Becky Capps
Director of Product Management

As Director of Product Management at Medrio, Becky Capps plays a central role in the development of Medrio’s electronic data capture, eSource, eConsent, and ePRO applications. In her current role, she works on the front line of the advent of eSource in clinical research, helping organizations navigate eSource implementation and regulatory considerations. She brings years of experience in healthcare-focused SaaS to Medrio, with a career that includes senior positions at MatrixCare, SigmaCare, and other companies in the SaaS space. Becky has a Master’s Degree from Georgia State University and is based in Atlanta. 

Alex Martelli

Alex Martelli is the primary product owner for Medrio’s suite of mobile tablet apps, and has overseen the development and release of Medrio’s new eConsent tool. He has spent years working in Product Management in B2B SaaS and mobile technology at a variety of organizations. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently based at Medrio’s San Francisco headquarters.

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